3 Days of Shopping: Day 2

August 30, 2011

Since I fell in love with the skirt I bought on my previous post, I was determined to find a nice top (preferrably plain) that would go with it. And since I pass by Megamall everyday when I go home, I decided to check Forever21. And I'm glad I did because I was able to buy these two tops. Both of them can be worn with my polka dot skirt. Mission Accomplished! I can't wait to have an outfit photo wearing them :)

Forever 21 - P355.00

Forever 21 - P355.00

3 Days of Shopping: Day 1

It was my birthday last week. What I initially wanted was to check if there is something that I can get myself as gift, like a blouse or a dress. What happened was, I ended up doing this for three consecutive days! I was so into the skirt that I purchased the first night that I wanted to find a nice top that will go with it. I'm planning to wear it on our get together on the 8th.

Below are the items that I purchased from SM Department Store (Megamall). I was really happy that I bought these two :)

Shopaholic - P599.75

Betty - P499.75

First Post!

August 29, 2011

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog. Actually, this is my second blog relating to fashion/shopping. But the thing is, I did that without having any concrete plans on what theme or main idea to revolve in with regards to my posts. I was not able to sustain it eventually since then.

I have been reading local fashion blogs for months now since I saw that article from Girltalk (yes, I’m also a Girltalk member) , and I can say that they are the ones inspiring me now with regards to styles and trends. But as much as I love the stuff they feature n their blogs, I’m the type of shopper that always check for the price tag first before buying. I do shop at stores but I only choose items that I can afford (I’ve been like this since I am the breadwinner at home). So my style is normally budget friendly. Thus, the posts that you will find here are mostly about discounted pieces, items from bargain/tiangge shops and *drum roll please* places with on going SALE! And I’m hoping that at the end of the day, I can accomplish my goal for this blog: to inspire you to be fashionable, without making your wallet suffer. So join me as I seek for fashion on a budget. Have fun reading! 
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